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Uber self-driving car kills a pedestrian (CNET News)

The vehicle strikes a woman crossing the street in Tempe, Arizona. Uber halts self-driving cars after first pedestrian fatality:…

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  1. It seems Uber has had he most problems. Wamo (Google) seem to have much better software. However many more people are killed on a per car basis by cars driven by human than cars driven by computers. This is the first fatally I know involving a self driving car. (The Tesla was not self driving and the fault seems to have been mostly on the truck in that case.)

  2. It's probably still safer than a human driver. I wonder why bother having a human behind the wheel if they're not going to do anything. Would be nice to have more details on what happened.

  3. My condolences to the victims friends and family.
    Some thoughts, 1-There was a human at the wheel, and this still occured, 2- it's a VOLVO which already has pedestrian collision avoidance tech, was it disabled? 3-Victim was jaywalking a bike across the road, was UBER AI software not smart enough to know what this was?

  4. Self-drivers will ultimately reach a point where they are exponentially safer than human-operated vehicles. The reduction in accidents, injuries and deaths will be significant and worth the cost in lives because, in the end, it will make all of us much safer.

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