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Uber won’t let you give drivers huge tips (CNET News)

Want to give your Uber driver a big tip? There’s actually a limit to how much you can give. CNET’s Dara Kerr has the inside scoop on why Uber’s putting a cap on tips. Uber has a tip limit?…

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  1. Realistically, a drive would not be tipped anywhere near 100 dollars anyway. There is always cash tips.. which is why Uber drivers in Las Vegas might get lucky when someone else does.

  2. You could always tip cash …Uber messed up payment once finally got it right then put it in twice so I let them know they said was there mistake and to keep it

  3. By far one of your worst videos ever. This wasn’t even a story, this was an advertisement for UBER! Anyone who thinks differently is stupid. Your acting was horrible and this felt very high school quality forced material. Lastly, no one tips that much to an Uber driver! They are not taxi drivers! Horrible video.

  4. Uber is convenient but an overpriced service surge is permanently designed to work in the driver and Uber’s favour.just pick up the phone and book a taxi like you used too ,I find you save half the price sometimes.uber just bait and switches you with the final price.what this video is is nothing more than an advert for Uber masquerading as news.

  5. This is a super lazy solution by these companies just bring up a confirmation check box if it seems like a high tip and if the rider confirms that's what they want to give then let them.

  6. Yeah what percentage of people tip over $100 AND don't have cash on them? 0.001%?

    I'm guessing the percentage of people who accidentally tip large amounts when meaning to tip smaller amounts is much higher than people trying to tip over $100 and the limit is a safeguard against that.

    Otherwise your next story will be on how someone got swindled out of their mortgage payment because the Uber app's tipping system lacks a safeguard.

  7. Wait…so this story is about not being able to tip more than a hundred dollars? Who the hell is trying to give $110 tips to an Uber driver?! Oh wait, nobody is. That's why nobody knows about this limit. In other words, it doesn't matter. It's supposed to be a ride sharing service – not a taxi service, remember?

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