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Vizio shows off 2018 TVs

Vizio is focusing on image quality in 2018, but that doesn’t mean it forgot about value. Vizio 2018 M-series, P-series TVs do local dimming for less:…

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  1. Wish vizio made a 85" or 90" p series quantum tv.
    I hv the 80" vizio m series 3d tv.
    Wanting to up grade to 4k and go up in size.
    Love my TV though. May jst keep it and wait.

  2. Value for the price? Sony 900E Full Array Local Dimming with Quantum Dot $1499 today. 900F with X1 Extreme, X-Motion Clarity additions coming this month for 2199 in stores now.. This P Quantum needs to come in at $1899 street to have a chance.

  3. Vizio has a reputation for unreliability which they will have to fix before I would consider them. Also, Walmart gets the cheapest chassis at a huge discount, people buy them, they break, and Walmart gives them a new one and still makes money. Ugh.

  4. Vizio makes junk. I bought their "high end" 4K TV in 2015… It died inside a year and I had to jump through hoops to get it fixed and ultimately replaced with another TV that died about a year later as well. Spend the extra and get LG or Samsung.

  5. We spend more time on phone and computer while having a smart tv in our rooms. In future we will hardly get time to watch tv when everything will be in the palm of our hand 🤚

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