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Was your Facebook data shared? Here’s how to check (Tech Minute)

Find out whether or not you were affected by the Cambridge Analytica data grab scandal even if you haven’t received a notification on your Facebook feed. What Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg did…

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  1. Facebook has and still is tracking since it's inception!! To check is pointless when you have an account with them; it starts!! Pimple face snot nose cuckleberg admitted to this so this video is pointless!!

  2. I wasn’t affected, why? I’m smart, I change my passwords every month, I always use 10 characters or more if I can, lower & uppercase letters, and I combine 2 different languages, Never “sign in” to other websites or apps with Facebook, hopefully your emails are encrypted as well. It’s 2018 let’s stay safe online, I browse in incognito mode, use a VPN and never have websites track me, I said it back in 2013, Facebook will offer a paid version with no ads, it’s coming by end of 2019

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