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Watch Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees on Day 1 of his testimony before Congress. Zuck to Congress: I welcome regulation — if it’s…

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  1. Can someone unplug the robot? Zuckerberg has no human element in him. He won’t admit that FB is a business, it’s not about bringing harmony! What a fake!!

  2. His beady little black eyes make me uncomfortable. And that stupid f*cking hair cut.
    I suppose Looking like a 10 year old, the spanking doesn't hurt so bad and allows you to get away with more.

  3. you know squad, the browser drops and grabs content, I can code in few hoys a "boy" , running as service landing on the API sandboxe picture off any i like , register, and all done without really doing a connect, the data collected you brought Google in life in days yahoo, netscape was open, public, uncenserud, all Google contains is a constant stream , inspect your data flow, not some puppeteer show, and Kaspersky, well the cold war is still going on ? ya know no "eco system" lol, all root-its and namespaces are violating the dns registrars, those make a net surround, why i get push data from ghost server placed in japan, korea, whatever out off border , skype sends litterly serialize all content , the serializaiton is not in hands off Zuckerber, DEBATE but this is waste , so ms geolocation used as service by google is OK? Tell me how the get grant to Earth, have they own space system or did US gave this so AI or IA (C)IA , there is no russian shit, off 5 browsers they are responsible, learn something

  4. Unbelievable, so much lying especially that they don't work with the government, that if you close the account they delete all the data that they collected of you and that they don't listen to your conversation or texting on whatsapp ( yes it's encrypted but they got the code and if you talk about let say sunglasses, the next day you get sunglasses advertisements on Facebook ),
    And the Senators went way to easy on him, you can tell the his lobbyists where hard at work plus the Senators probably feared him because they all use Facebook and need it for getting elected again.
    A thousand of us closed our accounts and suedFacebook for 50 million dollars.
    The truth is that I had an account but never used it but I've been using WhatsApp a lot together with a personal VPN, never trusted him or his Facebook after learning how he stole Facebook which was not belong to him at the first place.
    Plus I'm not a fool letting everyone know everything about me.

  5. The hilarity of the US government beating up Facebook about privacy rights can not be overstated when they passed the NDAA which gives them the ability to mass collect phone data and emails of every US citizen without their consent.

  6. why you make such noise around a "in private/public" tool, but meanwhile ms,google,intel,are all going the way they want , failures off huge infrastructures, hack exploits, forced violation end users by retain license and do release not by accident , updates that affects millions , no gooogle , you do know they collect all data , or is this part off patriot pact? , you now zero off IT , bringing a puppeteer in a "show", be serious and speak out as US DO YOU PRESS ON THE IT acting like AT&T floor 47? , do you think facebook collects? you know zero about ya debate, ICT is not facebook, as the entry in facebook goes by a OS and browser , if the data collected by googleanalytics , you don't "?" this is a in "scene" set ,as Congress I strongly suggest to get your intell by real IT knowledge , as we live in a "WAR" played in GEO on RUSSIA and CHINA, and please do the violation instruct since 9/11 "collecting all data inside US aswell global , in a structure off US military build the arpa-net , that controlled all data , that's more risk than some public data, this goes further and how is Microsoft involved in developping special versions used for NSA that dropped secret data on google cloud? I really wan't clarity as it affects companys huge and Belgium has proven intrusion on criminal way , Please debate that ?

  7. Internet was created so we could communicate during nuclear war !! PERIOD !! now we could end up in war with israel !! Do u think the will let u use their chat if we are at war wit them cause zukerberg is a zionst spy and loyality lie more to israel then america like the rest of them

  8. I recall, a decade ago, being challenged to trivia quizzes by my friends on Facebook, only to find out that the friends in question had done nothing of the sort. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Facebook had allowed a third party company to access my list of friends and then pose as them in an effort to sucker me into signing up for their scam service.
    So when Mr. Zuckerberg states all that laughable crap about protecting Facebook members privacy, all I can say is that I don't believe a single word coming out of this opportunist's mouth.
    Go sell crazy to someone else mark.

  9. When the American right to privacy is breached, it shakes the entire country at its foundation. If a man or a business makes mistakes, when people are trusting and paying for quality that they believe they are receiving, but are not receiving, who else would be, or could be responsible for the error? Personally, I trust Mark Zuckerberg and I do not trust Facebook personnel.

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