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Waymo v. Uber self-driving car case is over (CNET News)

The court battle over self-driving car secrets has ended abruptly, with lawyers reaching a hefty settlement. Read the CNET News article here – Subscribe to CNET: http://cnet…

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  1. When I was a kid I had a recurring nightmare where my mom would be driving me somewhere, but then she would stop and get out. Then the car would speed off with me in it, out of control. In one nightmare I even knew what was coming and begged my mom not to leave the car, but she said she had to do this and left anyway, leaving me screaming in a speeding, driverless car again. I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable as a passenger in a driverless car!

  2. Self Driving cars are cool, but not for Uber. I think Uber will just have the self driving car without a person so if the car's self driving mode failed, the rider would be screwed. I think self driving is great for personal driving for people with medical conditions that can't drive.

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