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We need to talk about the ethics of Google Duplex

Commentary: When Google’s Duplex Assistant makes phone calls, the humans on the other end can’t tell they’re talking to a robot. Bridget Carey explains why …

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  1. A "relatively" easy way to know….. Get a phone number and call the "person" back. When they answer, I'd have some questions to ask that would let me know if they are real.

  2. I completely agree with you, with deep fakes and this we are gonna have to work very hard on figuring out what we can trust… And this assistant seems like it can also work on the other side of the reservation business, a lot of jobs are going to die out and we can't even imagine what are we going to replace those jobs with, the system will need to change…

  3. i wonder what would be the title be of this video if Apple had done it… i guess brilliant, amazing, wonderful, innovative….balah blah blah… jus give it a rest and enjoy the change in the world…it isnt going to stop here….

  4. I don’t see how this is any different from online stores’ chat bots or automatically responded emails. We can not be sure if there is actually a person on the other side anyway.
    Yes, there will definitely be people using this for bad things, but isn’t that true with every innovation though?

  5. I believe the blog post actually states they let the businesses know that it's a virtual assistant calling. They just didn't include that in the keynote.

  6. Google Duplex would be helpful for people who are in danger and cannot make a call to 911. The AI can provide the location of the person if he/she is unable to speak. Or the person, can maybe, just type like a "help-needed message" and the AI can do the rest.

  7. People having issuing with this shouldn't be on Twitter then. Ultimately it is the "user" that determines the "ethics" of advice…. how it's used. Do we question the "ethics" of a bad driver behind the wheel? Yes, we do. But we don't attack GM or Ford for that.

  8. I see the pros and cons of Duplex. But I think they have the artificial human qualities added to its mannerisms has a way to keep the other party engaged. If I received a call from the standard "ROBO CALLER" I would hang up automatically knowing that it was not a real person. But I do understand Bridget Carey's perspective in the potential to defraud people. Like any world-changing technology, it will always be a double-edged sword. Hopefully, Google will have special security measures to prevent the abuse of this cool tech.

  9. Simple fix to the videos concern would be for google to add "Hi this is an automated call from google duplex assistant, i would like to know……." and have it as a mandatory opening line for all calls. Problem solved. This new feature is not a big problem!

  10. I think it's amusing that when people see this tech in a sci fi movie they think it's cool and want it to be real. Then, when it becomes real, suddenly it's ominous. This is the kind of thing sci fi nerds have been dreaming about. What's the phrase, "be careful what you wish for". It's going to happen whether we want it or not, so I'm going to choose to be excited by the positives.

  11. Ohhh, just shush, humanity is making a huge leap into the future, just sush, I love tech YouTubers, but the reality is that they always "ask" for more, and when a company makes something awesome, they (at least this women) start to complain!

  12. In all of the examples given how does the fact that it's a computer on the other end matter? Making a reservation, appointment how is it a bad thing that a computer called? Scam call by a person or a computer is still a scam call….. same with a political call. It doesn't change how I would respond to that call.

  13. that girl have a point but i see it the other way around if that technology went more perfect maybe call center careers will end eventually and there will be nothing called a call center again and the company owners will replace all the humans answering the calls to help people or to take an order to these robots and that a scary thing by the way

  14. I actually agree with her. Its not that I don't like new tech and innovation its how new tech can be exploited and cause a lot of harm in the hands of the lesser ethicals. Its kind of like power. Power in the hands of someone great will do some much good. But if power falls in the hands of someone unethical who mostly look for self gains then its bad. Isn't this why we have checks and balances and separations of power?

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