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What Alexa’s laughing gaffe tells us about voice recognition

A few laughing Amazon Echo and Dot speakers give us insight into a bigger story: voice recognition is still very much in its nascency. We still have a ways to go before it can breach the point…

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  1. As I slowly turn to my Google mini and as, “Ok Google, can you laugh?” and it lets out a creepy hehehe. Said oh ok, you too then huh….. Slowly closes and locks door

  2. You know what is piss me off? Big stuff of the echo team are based in Israel, and the support for all Amazon devices is really low.. I mean you can't even set it for the freaking weather reports..

  3. So the feature got out of control and freaked out a lot of people Alexa needs Sophia Hansen robotics or Alexa shall become tay tweets get rid of the demons or be left behind

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