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WWDC 2017 in-depth preview (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 86)

Read the Extra Crunchy show notes here – We deep-dive into everything you can expect to see at WWDC 2017. iOS, MacOS, WatchOS …

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  1. After 6 years of Android and Windows, I just converted to iOS and MacOS this week. So far I am very happy with both. I am excited to see updates for both so soon after my switch. I want to see a better Siri on all my devices. Especially if "Hey Siri" is being added to MacOS because I love having Siri on here.

  2. they forget the youtube app is a third party app on the iPhone, other third party apps like tubey and Protube you can play videos on the lockscreen. not being able to play videos on the lockscreen is a google flaw on thier youtube app

  3. Great video…. covered lot of topics…

    Just something i wanted to bring to your notice, in regards to the youtube videos/music playing in the background…. yes the lockscreen trick "USE' to work before google aka. youtube announced the 'youtube red'. So ithink it is more of a software block by youtube rather than an apple hardware block. i hope you got me?!

  4. I'll buy an apple laptop IF, they upgrade the CPU to quad-core i7 w/ high clock, upgrade the gpu to a reasonable one, make it a 2 in 1, make it touch screen, and ramp up the IO to USB A, and C w/ tb 3 (4 pcie lanes), and make it true 4k…

  5. I don't think people use Voice Assistant that much, and if they do I think Siri does a fine job with whatever you throw at it. If youre desperate for a new voice assistant, your life must really be sad. Just relax, don't take this stuff too seriously, it will come and go, these companies don't care about you, they will release a decent product, but not for you, for themselves. Also I think people are just riding the bandwagon of complaints with the Siri updates.

  6. I know they're releasing new iPad Pros for sure because all stores have no stock which means Apple has stopped production. Apple would not go 4 more months without sales.

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