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Zuckerberg explains the internet to Congress

Facebook’s CEO had to cover the basics during his two-day hearings on Capitol Hill. Zuckerberg’s DC trip: What the spectacle looked like up close –…

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  1. Senators looking for the spotlight to be famous with really stupid questions. They Look like my grandmother trying to explain me what is the internet.

  2. these congress people have less than little ideas about how internet or technology works….. I guess they need to create a special professional team to the congress to question him rather than blindly asking him some stupid question and waste all the time

  3. Not would you do it, could you do it? Do you have the right to share my data?
    Zuck- no I don't believe we have the right.
    do you have the ability?
    Zuck- the data is in the system.
    so in theory he can because he owns the system that you signed up for he has the data. "how do they not know that, its like the bank has the ability to see what money is in the account."

  4. No matter what excuses he makes up or how smart his explanations may be still not gonna use facebook. Deleting my Facebook account was 2nd best thing I ever done after giving up on cable. There are plenty of networking sites to be explored. FB was giving me cancer.

  5. its funny how you can get to the highest court but still meet people that have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. this is actually insane that there are people that have no clue about the topic. the shoulf be specific people for specific cases that know what to ask. ridicoulos

  6. why not just ask him why he is scamming people out of their data? if they track me and tarket adverts to me i want some cash for them tracking me. problem solved.

  7. Thank you very much our precious brothers, because you see a place that many lost soul stays and even if it hard moment for you but you have knowledge to fight for it even you knows that there are many root connect ed with it but in your thoughts you said everything it for a reason for many soul to see themselves, right my precious. For example; "Jesus said to his disciplines throw your net to the other side and it full fishes", maybe that's why GOD gives all talent to works together for the good of many. Don't gives up, because GOD knows what is good and bad. May our Heavenly FATHER'S gives you more knowledge of fixing the right.

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